Capercaillie Signs come in

The heart of Deshar Wood

On the 16th August I unscrewed and collected all the Capercaillie “please stay on paths and keep your dog on a short lead” signs. They will be put back up on the 1st April 2013 in order to remind all users of the Capercaillie starting to Lek and nesting on the ground. The main signs which show the sensitive areas remain up at present.

Ranger Scott Henderson removing Caper Signs

Cotton Grass









There are only a couple weeks to go before the Guided Walks will be finished. If you do manage to make it you are sure to be welcomed and maybe lucky enough to see what we’ve been seeing in your woods, like these wild flowers…


Harebell a member of the Bellflower family


Bog Asphodel










I have had the luck to find the “Narrow-headed Ant” and its nest which is smaller than the larger Wood Ants nest and also is made more with types of grasses rather than pine needles.

Narrow headed Wood Ant Nest

Grasshoppers are heard but rarely seen as they are quick at jumping using their large rear legs which they use to make the noise you hear.

The Common Green Grasshopper






There has been a lot of spider activity recently,the webs can be seen in the heather and between trees.One of the familys is the Orb Web spiders. The common Garden spider or “cross spider” is variable in colour,in Deshar Woods they seem to be mostly black. It is a very common spider which scares easily,us not them! The other Orb spider I’ve spotted was this beautiful Nursery Web Spider which would not give up defending its nursery of spiderlings as I took photos.


The “Cross” Spider

Nursery Web Spider guarding her babies within nest






I have also seen this Bracket Fungus growing on Scots Pine which I believe is Dyers Mazegill but could easily be another Mazegill species.

Dyers Mazegill on Scots Pine

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