If you go down to Boat woods today…

…you’ll be in for a big surprise. Twenty five primary children from Deshar Primary School had a terrific day learning how to make woodland creatures with willow,rowan and pine, with the help from woodland artist Kevin Blackwood .

The team at the Curling Ponds, Deshar woods.


3 little Birds

There were a variety of creatures to make, such as, Crossbill, Red Squirrel, Hedgehog, Dragonfly and Wood Mouse. The children also helped Kevin start the Capercaillie sculpture which will be eventually be prominently placed in the woodlands as a focal piece of art and at the same time a reminding that this special bird is definitely living in the Boat of Garten woodlands.

There is another type of Capercaillie in the woods, a plyboard one!  This is a prototype silohette sign which has been put on the post at the Curling Pond gate. This one is life size but could be smaller, painted and easily positioned on existing or new posts. Any opinions would be welcomed.

Curling Pond Caper


There has been some good news this week about the Caper Brood Count which is undertaken by the Game Conservation Council on behalf of SNH.  Officially for 2012 they counted 12 Capercaillie in total of which there were 2 broods of 3 healthy chicks, 3female and 3 male. This is great news as the weather has not helped other species this season.

These campers stayed one night and left no trace or sign they were there, which is great and responsable behaviour, wild camping is permitted if not close to a road or track but lighting a fire is not allowed unless in an advertised fire pit site. This incident is rare as far as I know but I have found another camp site deep within the woods with a fire site which has been used once this year.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and look forward to adding more next spring and thanks for your support,

Scott Henderson, Boat of Garten Woodland Ranger

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