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On top of Fairy Hill is a cairn. It has been said that these stone piles were a way of communicating hundreds of years ago. They were often used to mark junctions and summits, like Fairy Hill.

Fairy Hill Cairn

Fairy Hill Cairn


You can see hidden amongst the rocks folded paper notes that have been left by local and visiting children.

They have been using the cairn as a postal point to pass messages to whoever wants to answer. They talk about their hobbies and whether fairies do live on this hill.

Its great to see that children are out and about in the woods using their imaginations, maybe these social media sites need to watch.


Havestmen Spider

Havestmen Spider

Harvestmen, which are often thought to be spiders,are in fact of the order Opiliones and are actually more closely related to the Scorpion, but not venomous.

With its eight legs it looks like a spider, but can you see the two eyes on top of its head?

This was found on Blaeberry leaves close to Fairy hill. The red splodges on him are parasitic mites.



Boat June 055

Assassin Fly/Bee Mimic


Cleggs have been terrible this summer, but on two occasions I have been buzzed by an Assassin Fly or Bee Mimic. They are one of our largest insects of the family Asilidae(robber flies) and Genus Lapria(Bee-like robber flies)


They wait and watch before they chase, attacking in flight before injecting venom into their prey. They lay larva in deadwood and emerge during hot spells.


This one is not fully mature so therefore is not as orange/yellow yet, but once in full colour with the hairy body it can be easily mistaken for a bee.


Common Wintergreen is growing in the Deshar woodlands and can be seen quite easily at the side of the paths. The Intermediate Wintergreen is less common but is easily detected by its extra long stamens which protrude out of the globular flowers, similar to the Common. Seven flower stalks of the Intermediate were discovered recently in Boat of Garten.

Pyrola Minor/Common Wintergreen                                Pyrola Media/Intermediate Wintergreen

Pyrola Minor/Common Wintergreen015

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