The Future of Boat of Garten

Boat of Garten and Vicinity Community Council (BOGVCC), together with the Community Company, Community Hall, Deshar Parent Council and the Parish Church, are currently working together to review and update the Boat of Garten Community Action Plan (CAP), which was last undertaken in 2014.

The main objective of the CAP review is to hear the views of residents and businesses in the Boat of Garten and Vicinity area, on how they would like to see the community developing over the next 5 years. The updated Boat of Garten CAP will make up a significant part of the priorities and aims of the Community Council, Community Company and Community Hall and by association the whole village for the next few years and is therefore an important event for the Boat of Garten community as a whole. Once the CAP is agreed, it will form a key part of all of the community groups’ agendas.

To find out how YOU feel about living / working in Boat of Garten, we have put together this survey, which will only take a short time to complete. Click on this link to start the survey.

Please can you complete the survey by Monday 26th March 2018.

All of the survey responses will be put together and presented at the community’s Big Conversation: The Future of Boat of Garten, where those attending will have the opportunity to hear what everyone else has said, discuss the issues and vote on their top priorities for the village.

Saturday 28th April 2018 at 10am
Boat of Garten Community Hall

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