Boat of Garten Community Company

Limited by Guarantee

Like most communities, Boat of Garten wishes to pursue activities and projects, often of a commercial nature or where large sums of money are involved, that are either inappropriate or illegal for the Community Council to do – the Community Company exists to take such projects forward. The Company works in partnership with Boat of Garten & Vicinity Community Council and has close links with Boat of Garten Community Hall, Cairngorms National Park Authority, Highland Council, RSPB and SNH.
Boat of Garten Community Company is a Company Limited by Guarantee incorporated under the Companies Act. The Company’s Memorandum & Articles are available to download.

1. Principal Objects

  • To promote the cultural, social and economic interests of the Community.
  • To encourage the residents of Boat of Garten to participate in these aims.
  • To provide the means by which these aims may be achieved.

2. Liability of Members

Every member of the Company undertakes to contribute such amount as may be required (but no more than £1.00) to the Company’s assets should it be wound up while s/he is a member or within one year after s/he ceases to be a member. This amount will be used to pay off any of the Company’s debts and liabilities which may have been contracted before s/he ceased to be a member, as well as the charges and expenses of winding up the Company.

3. Meetings

The Community Company holds an Annual General Meeting at which the usual reports are presented. At this Annual General Meeting, members of the Community Company have the right to elect new Directors or confirm existing Directors in post.
Directors meetings are normally held in January, April, June and September, with the AGM being in November, and all Company members are very welcome to attend.

4. Membership

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a residence, business, club or association address in Boat of Garten and Vicinity, i.e. with a PH24 postcode. New members always welcome! Boat of Garten Community Company Application Form

Method of Working

Projects and activities are run by sub-groups each of which must include at least one director, but can have as many members as are interested. These groups progress their own activities, reporting to the Board’s quarterly meetings, and individual members of the groups do not have to get involved with governance, charity or legal compliance. 

The groups currently include:

  • Heritage group: having completed the enhancements to the Station Square, including the Information Hub and the Osprey Feather and Horse & Cart sculptures, the group is now working towards the creation of a heritage trail,  and a memories collection. See our Interpretation Plan: the full report or the summary.
  • Events Group, bringing events and festivals to the village.
  • Marketing/PR/Website group: a small group responsible for destination marketing, public relations and the maintenance and improvement of the village website.
  • Friends of the Garden: the people responsible for maintaining our Community Garden.
  • BoGWiG: The Boat of Garten Wildlife group exists to encourage interest in and knowledge of the local flora and fauna and manages the local Badger Hide and Milton Loch and Woodlands.
  • The Business Forum: Created as a voice for businesses within the village.
  • Youth Group or ‘Yoofie’, as it’s known, provides activities for the young people of the village on Wednesdays and Fridays during the autumn and winter.
  • The Osprey Football Club
  • The Osprey Music Society (TOMS) provides a programme of classical music throughout the year.
  • Strathspey Wind Group: A group of wind players who meet in the Community Hall on Monday afternoons.
  • BoG Chorus: This group sings for pleasure and meets on Wednesday evenings during the winter months.

Current members of the Board of Directors are:

Board of Directors  
Joanna Blair Chair Email Joanna
Heather Bantick Director  
Anna Barton Director  
Kate Johnson Director  
Jane Kerr Director  
Non-Director Office Bearers 
Jackie Wilson Minutes Secretary  
Heather Goodall Community Secretary  


For more information, please email the Secretary or
Registered in Scotland No: 224956 – a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee – Scottish Charity No: SC032531
Registered office: 23 Craigie Avenue, Boat of Garten PH24 3BL

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