St Columba’s Church

Parish of Boat of Garten, Duthil and Kincardine

When the railway came in the mid 19th century there was no church in Boat of Garten. Worshippers went to either Kincardine or Duthil. Because of the distances to the other churches and the burgeoning population of the village it became the practice towards the end of the 19th century to hold services of an evening in the local school, the waiting room of the railway on a so-called Missionary basis – i.e an outpost of the established church of Duthil.

In 1881 a number of local worthies – notably the Minister of Duthil, the Missionary Minister, the Stationmaster, the Postmaster and the Station Hotel Keeper approached the Seafield Estates with a petition for the establishment of a Missionary Station and the building of a place for it. Money had already been promised by the Church of Scotland.

For some reason nothing happened until the end of the century when records show that a feu charter had been granted by the estate and in summer 1900 the church was finished at a cost of some £820.00.

Kincardine was joined to Boat in 1911 – the whole still on a missionary basis from Duthil. The United Free Church who had been using the village hall (built at the turn of the century), joined the Church of Scotland in 1929 – thus strengthening the church and its usage and its independence – although the church only became independent in 1931.

Shortly after that, in 1932 and in some ways to celebrate this authorised permanent status the Manse was built. In 1934 the Church Hall was added and it remains one of the focuses of village life.

In recent years the parishes of Boat of Garten, Duthil  and Kincardine were united into one  congregation and then subsequently linked with that of Abernethy under the charge of the Rev Donald Walker.

St. Columba’s, Duthil and Kincardine Church Services

St Columba’s 10.00am, Every Sunday
Duthil 11.30am,  Every Sunday
Kincardine 6pm, Second Sunday, March to November; also Christmas and Easter.
Church of Scotland Guild 7.30pm, Second Monday, October to April

Easter Services

Thurs 2nd April.  7.30pm. Joint Abernethy, Boat of Garten and Duthil Tenebrae Service in St Columba’s.

Good Friday 3rd April. 11.ooam. Children & parents & friends of the Ospreys Play & pray group meet  for a walk up Fairy Hill and a picnic. Meet at St Columba’s

Good Friday 3rd April. 7.30pm. Joint Abernethy, Boat of Garten and Duthil Communion Service in Abernethy Church.

Easter Sunday 5th April. 8.00am. Joint Abernethy ,Boat of Garten and Duthil Early Service at Loch Garten.

Easter Sunday 5th April. 10.00am. Communion Service in St Columba’s, Boat of Garten.

Kincardine Church

Easter Sunday 5th April. 6.00pm. Worship in Kincardine Church

Duthil Church

Easter Sunday 5th April. 11.30am. Communion Service in Duthil Church, CarrBridge

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