Regular groups

Group Name Contact Name Telephone Meet
Art Class – Watercolour Stewart Potter Tuesdays @ 7pm
Badminton Annie Forwood 831469 Winter, Mondays @ 7pm
Community Company Heather Goodall 831653 Quarterly
Community Council Alison Fielding 831649 Monthly, 1st Monday
Deshar Parent Council Irregularly
Deshar Primary School 831226 Thursday mornings
Indoor Bowls Brenda Hughes Winter, Wednesday evenings
Lunch Club Sue Murray 831012 Winter, Tuesdays @ 12:30pm
Strathspey Winds Jane Kerr 07510 728261 Mondays @ 2pm
SWRI Britt Taylor 831060 Winter, usually 3rd Monday
The Osprey Music Society Ann Napier 831213 Series of 10 concerts per year
Wee Bogees (Parents & Tots) Friday mornings
Winter Talks Bev Brodie 831379 Winter, Monday evenings
Yoga Sara Paul 07958 463259 Wednesdays, 9:45am
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