Lunch Club

Lunch Club Poster 2014When the new Community Hall was first planned it set itself a number of objectives above and beyond just ensuring that the Hall was built on time and on budget and one of those was the creation of the lunch club, which is held every Tuesday throughout the winter at 12.30pm in the Community Hall and is open to all ages.

Since the opening of the Hall, Lunch Club has become “the” regular social event of the weekly calendar and attracts on average 30 -35 visitors every week.

The lunch club is open to all residents of PH24, but please do not think that it is for just the “Oldies” as on occasion the age range has been from 8 months to 80 years!

A dedicated band of some 40 volunteers are on a rota to set up and lay the tables, cook the soup (always two different types), prepare the sandwiches (usually 4 or 5 different types) and then help serve everything. Having done that of course it all has to be washed up, tidied up and put away!


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