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The Boat of Garten Tartan was launched in 2007

The Boat of Garten Tartan was launched in 2007

Osprey Village Enterprises Limited was formed in 2007. It is the trading arm of the Boat of Garten Community Company and any operating surplus is returned to the Community Company to fund community projects.

The idea of having a village tartan had been discussed for a few years, but it wasn’t until Boat of Garten Community Company made contact with Kinloch Anderson in 2005 that the project became feasible.

The Kinloch Anderson family has long associations with Boat of Garten and the Kinloch Anderson Golf Trophy is still competed for annually. The family remember their times spent at Boat with affection and were enthusiastic about supporting this project. With Kinloch Anderson’s generous support and encouragement, a small group researched tartans and their history and investigated the options.


Known as BoG Bears, these tartan-clad teddies are on sale at the Boat of Garten Post Office.

The Inverness-shire sett was used as the basis of the new tartan and the colours used are:

Black and White to represent the head of an Osprey – the Osprey has been the adopted symbol of the village for many years
Blue for the River Spey
Purple for the heather growing in and around the village
Yellow for the cornfields of Garten
Green for our woodlands and to represent our position within the Cairngorms National Park
The tartan was formally launched at Boat of Garten Steam Fair, 22 July 2007.


The Registered Office of Osprey Village Enterprises Limited is 23 Craigie Avenue, Boat of Garten, PH24 3BL

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